Leftover Mashed Potato Patties

In our house, we love potato anything and after I made homefries a few weeks ago, we decided to also make mashed potatoes. The only problem with that is you can't keep eating them without being bored. I looked up what you could do with leftovers and decided that this was my Sunday morning breakfast project.

No two patty recipes are the same and the recipe here is just a combination of a few. I like mine to taste more potato-y and less cake-y (making up words is fun!). Who says leftovers can't be great!

 1c shredded cheese
 1c green onions (or regular onions)
 1 egg
 1tbls flour
 2-3c mashed potatoes (min)
 salt and pepper to taste
3/4 c extra flour in a bowl

*options: you can add minced garlic, cayenne, or any veggie so long as it is minced up.

1. Mix the egg, onions, cheese, flour, potatoes and salt/pepper in a medium bowl until combined.
2. Heat a skillet pan with enough butter to coat the bottom and crisp up the potatoes.
3. Scoop the potato mix and create med. sized balls and roll them in the flour until covered all over.
4. Put for balls in to the hot skillet and flaten them into patties with the back of a spatula.
5. fry on medium heat (covered) for 3-5 min until golden brown. Flip and repeat.

Depending on how much potato you have will determine how many patties you make and they freeze really well!

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