The, "I've Had a Bad Day, Don't You Dare Judge Me" Chocolate/Sweet Comfort Mix

I'm back to the blog! Apologies for the hiatus. So I had a really crappy day last week at work and when I came home I was massively craving chocolate bad. I came up with this...what better way to return to the food blog with this recipe I've made myself. ahahahha. Enjoy. ahahah

3 cream-filled chocolate cookies that you bought on impulse when initially having chocolate craving (I bought the chocolate cream ones from Trader Joe's)
2 scoops of chocolate/vanilla ice cream that you happen to have in the fridge
A small handfull of mini marshmallows that you meant to buy for your hot chocolate but now have realized it can be used for so much more.

Mix in a bowl (break cookies).
Feel satisfied and NOT guilty.

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