Kimchi Pajeon 2: Bite Sized

Kimchi Pancakes with a soy based sauce
Ever since I received a Korean cookbook this Christmas I have been a bit obsessed with making things like Bibimbap, Japche, and Pajeon. I am always looking for new ways to make my dollar stretch and to preserve food for the week. I made Korean Pancakes earlier however after talking to my Korean friends I got a better recipe and thanks to the idea from Tiny Food Party, I made them bite sized! Easy to make for a large group of people or to freeze for later.


1 cup all purpose flour
4 tablespoons rice flour
2 tsp salt
1 1/4 cup water
1 tablespoon corn oil (vegetable oil will work too)
1/2 cup kimchi minced or sliced scallions (approx. I always add more)
2 eggs
1 tsp cayenne (optional)


1. Mix above ingredients until smooth and there are no lumps.
2. Oil a large skillet and heat until hot but not burning the oil.
3. Take a small ladle or large spoon and put approx 2 tbls of the batter in the pan flattening with the back of the ladle/spoon in a circle motion to make a small pancake. Repeat, you should be able to get 4 or 5 in the pan.
4. Cook until the tops of the pancakes are no longer shiny and the bottom is brown. Flip and cook for another 10-20 seconds. Repeat.
5. Serve warm with a dipping sauce or freeze for later.

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