Pasta Olio e Aglio and Shrimp Scampi

Christmas Eve dinner: Scampi, roasted broccoli and rosemary bread
Now that the holidays are over and all life has turned somewhat back to normal, I am able to post my family's favorite holiday meals. Christmas eve dinner in most Italian families mean that no meat is served and for us that means HEAVY on the garlic. Olio e Aglio pasta has been a tradition in my mom's family but my grandfather hated it. Called the dish the worst 'next to nothing' he ever ate. Mom decided to add the shrimp scampi in hopes of making a more substantial dish.

The pasta portion is so easy and tasty I would recommend making any time of the year as I often do. I add red pepper flakes to spice it up but that is not necessary. The scampi needs to marinate for at least an hour before going under the broiler so that it can absorb all the garlic and pepper goodness. This dish is extremely easy to put together and only requires a little patience in getting the water to boil.

Pasta Olio e Aglio

Pasta finished

1 lb of angel hair pasta
LOTS of salt
5-8 cloves of garlic chopped small
1/3 cup olive oil approx. or enough to cover the garlic
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1 cup of reserved salted pasta water


Garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes
1. In a small fry pan add garlic, oil and pepper flakes and heat on med-low heat until the garlic starts to turn a light brown. once finished tun the heat down to a simmer.
2. While the oil and garlic are cooking bring about 4 qts of heavily salted water to a rapid boil and add the pasta. Cook until just done.
3. Take a mug and reserve one cup of pasta water. Then drain the pasta and put back in the pot.
4. Take the completed garlic mixture and add it to the pasta with 1/4 of the reserved pasta water and toss. If the pasta is still too sticky add a bit more pasta water but you most likely won't use it all.
5. Place the shrimp scampi on top and serve.

Shrimp Scampi


1 lb of raw, peeled shrimp
1/4 cup of olive oil
5 cloves of garlic minced
red pepper flakes
2 tbls Italian breadcrumbs


1. Peel shrimp and place in bag with garlic, oil, pepper, salt and red pepper flakes. Marinate for at least one hour.
Finished Scampi
2. Put broiler on high and adjust rack. Prepare cookie sheet with foil and non stick spray then spread shrimp on the sheet.
3. Sprinkle the breadcrumbs on the shrimp then place the sheet under the broiler for 5 min. Check and if it needs more time then only a min more.
4. Remove and add to the pasta. Serve!

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