The 181 Crew (About Us)

The 181-2 Crew and Our Lab

In an effort to survive graduate school here at in the Boston area, we made food. Naturally. Food has been a connection point for all of us no matter what happened these past two years. Nothing makes discussions about cultural diversity, race relations and gender equality better than adding Sunday pancakes to it! (So sue us, we are nerdy!) As the three of us go off on our own journeys, we decided to make a cookbook of our favorite recipes that were enjoyed among us as well as our friends and family. We decided that our blog wasn't going to be artsy or terribly professional. These are just tried, tested, and loved recipes that we want to share. Most of them are variations of established recipes, but catered more to our tastes. Thus we created Kitchen Flambé!

Flambé is where you add alcohol to a hot pan to create a sudden burst of flames. While no actual flambeing happened in our kitchen, the concept pretty much sums up what we do in our quest for new and fun food.

This blog is an extension of that and simply the backup copy in digital form in case the cookbooks are misplaced (tsk tsk). Hopefully it is also a way for future recipes to be shared no matter where we are in the world. This blog is not about making artful food, it is a celebration of how far we have come and how much further we have to go!

Friends Enjoy!

Meet the inhabitants

Meet Stacy, rookie cayenne pepper user and flavor novice. Boldly going where everyone has gone before, she is embarking upon the greatest culinary expedition that only amateurs dream of: creating sustenance that actually tastes good. Graduating with a dual MA in Women's and Gender Studies and Musicology, she just finds it boring to be cooking without music playing in the background. 

This is Kris, a food-a-holic and perpetual stress cooker. Graduating with an MA in Coexistence and Conflict Management.  Destined for a similar career trajectory as Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten , Stacy insists that Kris will be on the Food Network someday, and is drafting the her Wikipedia page as we speak. These are the humble beginnings for such an illustrious career ahead.

And then, out of the billowing smoke and confectioner's sugar, emerged Davie. Once again ready to lead those who are not intimidated by noodles and panko bread crumbs. This MA Classics student has but one simple culinary goal: make sure we have enough food to survive an apocalypse, specifically, the zombie apocalypse.

Our fabulous kitchen!

and the arsenal.

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