Survival Tools for the Apocalypse! (a.k.a. What you need in your first kitchen)

This page is to help all of us know what essential tools are needed to START a kitchen. Over the past two years our tool set has grown but there are a few basic things that are helpful when you move to a new place! I must say, when we would visit our friends, it was was astonishing that most did not have a basic can opener! (You know who you are....) 

From left to right: One large knife for chopping, dicing, and slicing! - One small paring knife for those meats, cheeses and small fruits.- One medium boning knife to help you de-bone chicken or pork.- Finally one bread knife, cutting bread will be so much easier if you just get one right away!

A decent set of measuring spoons and cups.

Basic cooking tools include from left to right: Wire whisk - Rubber spatula-  Wooden spoon - Slotted spatula- Slotted spoon- Large cooking spoon- one set of long handle Tongs

Assorted kitchen goods

left to right: 8" fry pan, 1 Wok, 1 saucepan, and 1 5-6 qt Stock Pot

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